patch notes
Happy 1st anniversary of Phoenix Network Galaxy Life relaunch!
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1/9/2023 @ 12:38 PM • AndyVV
It has officially been 1 full year of the new Galaxy Life! We hope everyone has enjoyed the past 12 months and will continue enjoying it for many more to come, with this anniversary we will be releasing some Event challenges with which you can unlock a brand new limited time decoration!

-Added 1st anniversary decoration (thanks Atociber and ViciousVirus!) and mission available for limited time
• Added framerate limit option
• Added fullscreen resolution option
• Added text options for anti-aliasing, sharpness, and thickness
• Added progress tooltip for Refinery and Laboratory
• Toggle fullscreen with F
• Hide/show all HUD elements with H
• Shift + click on "trade in" to bulk trade in collection & crafting recipes
• Fixed cancelled upgrades containing items giving no refund, also they now return 75% of items (same as coins & minerals) instead of 100%
• Added button mouseover SFX
-Comsetic change regarding turret angles
• Possible fix for an issue where no popups will load
• Fixed/changed Badges capacity
• Bulldozer is half price, added Lightning Bullet to Embassy