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Game is back online
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17/9/2023 @ 4:45 PM • AndyVV
The maintenance is finally over!

The game's finally back online after a long maintenance. Due to the large amount of downtime we'll be giving all players 60 chips as compensation. Here's the changelog for the update that released:

Hotkeys update
• Fully customizable hotkeys
• New hotkeys for tools, battle slots, your planets, and others
• Bunker troops no longer heal when re-entering their bunker
• All destroyed planets in the galaxy will now auto-repair after some time
• Fixed not being able to scroll alliance leaderboard
• Fixed crash related to troop training
• Fixed crash when recycling Warp Gates due to S-Trikes
• Fixed repair popup appearing after bulk upgrading Walls
• Fixed help clicks removing 4.75% instead of intended 5% of remaining time
• 4 minor visual fixes