patch notes
Hotkeys update, and bugs fixes
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16/9/2023 @ 5:57 PM • AndyVV
Hotkeys update
• Fully customizable hotkeys
• New hotkeys for tools, battle slots, your planets, and others
• Bunker troops no longer heal when re-entering their bunker
• All destroyed planets in the galaxy will now auto-repair after some time
• Fixed not being able to scroll alliance leaderboard
• Fixed crash related to troop training
• Fixed crash when recycling Warp Gates due to S-Trikes
• Fixed repair popup appearing after bulk upgrading Walls
• Fixed help clicks removing 4.75% instead of intended 5% of remaining time
• 4 minor visual fixes

We also are moving our caching server closer to our application servers, downtime will be longer than usual but that'll just be this time 😉

We wanted to include the new landing page but sadly due to me moving and getting married(crazy right) that couldn't be finished in time. We will work on it to get it ready asap though!

Maintenance starts at 8PM CET.