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Galaxy Life: Unreal Engine - FAQ
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23/1/2024 @ 1:00 AM • svr333

We know you have been asking a lot of questions about our plans to port the game to Unreal Engine, so we're here to answer the most asked ones.

If you've still got questions or suggestions, feel free to ask us in our Discord server! For more context, you can read our previous blog announcing the Unreal Engine port.

Will my progress be lost/reset?

No! We made sure to maintain the necessary compatibility with the Flash game.

Will the game be different visually?

No! Unreal will visually be as close of a 1:1 to copy of Flash. Certain improvements might be made where possible, but ideally it should stay very similar.

Long term we might consider moving to a 3D planet-view instead of the current 2D, but this will require more modelling work and is not for soon!

Will it have high resolution/Widescreen support?

Yes, it will!

Will I have higher framerateS?

Yes! There will not be a frame cap like there is with Flash Player. So if you have an RTX 4090, you will get your 4090's worth.

Will it come on different platforms?

Yup! As you know we are confirmed to release on Android, Linux, Windows, macOS and iOS (though mac/iOS might come a bit later). There is a few platforms that are possible to build on, though we haven't decided if we want to go on it and if it has a large enough playerbase for us to support. These platforms are Playstation, Xbox, Switch and VR.

We will also not require steam, you will likely be able to use Epic Games Launcher or even just download it straight from the Phoenix Network website.

Will there be 2012 UI?

Very likely! We have everything necessary for it. Skins are not a priority for the Early Access launch that is aimed for the beginning of 2025, but it will definitely come later on if it isn't there yet!

What will the required specs be?

We don't know yet! Though the game ran on a OnePlus Nord N10 and a PC without a dedicated GPU. We are pretty sure that we can support pretty much any Android Phone/Windows/Linux device that came out in the last 10 years. We haven't run the game on an Apple device yet.

When will we get more info about new features?

We will slowly release more info to the public about new or reworked features, as we are still deciding on the details of some of them. Don't expect them too fast. Memberful supporters will get to see these features earlier!

Why Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine is a robust, feature-rich, fast and performant Engine. Building our own in-house Engine was out of the question and out of the options we think Unreal Engine was the best fit for us. We had some prior experience with it and the Paper2D plugin provides good 2D support.

It is better in Adobe Flash Player in every way and this change was really needed.

What will happen to the Top Bar?

We are removing the top bar entirely. We will move all of its features in the game, most of them going to the in-game profile menu. We will give more information with examples on it in the future!

Where can I suggest new features?

We know all of you are very excited to give us feedback and suggest new features. If you're a memberful supporter, you can directly give us feedback and suggestions in the Discord channel or under Memberful posts. If you're not a supporter, we will still look at your suggestions but we will not prioritize it as feedback. You can leave them in the Discord chat or in Modmail!